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Made-in-Nigeria.biz (acronym: MiNBiz Express) Business Platform or Naija business as it is said in Nigeria, is at the vanguard: Founded by a passionate Nigerian who sees the need to get good quality and locally made products from Nigeria on the Global market. Nigeria is blessed with young, vibrant and energetic youth population who but are faced with no prospect of quality jobs waiting for them after years of studies, thus becoming unemployed graduates. 

Most of them had to attend various vocational skills centres provided by various NGOs where they finds opportunity to retrain, learning various skills such as bead jewellery making, shoe manufacturing, fashion design, textile materials, crafting leather items, such as bags, shoes, and handmade accessories, washing up liquid soaps, detergents, food and drinks of various tastes and flavours, the list is endless, producing those daily essentials needs of the people.


But, how and where to sell them? This is a billion dollars naira metrics question and business day one for that matter; while most patriotic Nigerians wish to carry the Nigerian flag, some Nigerian entrepreneurs came up with some brilliant ideas to fill those gaps in the local markets by suggesting the use of their platform to sell online in Nigeria. Some top eCommerce websites in Nigeria platforms like KONGA Marketplace, JUMIA, Dealdey, Kaymu, DressMeOutlet, Wakanow, Traclist, Mall for Africa, and OLX are all local retail outlets based in Nigeria.

Because there are still challenges of e-commerce in Nigeria and e-commerce in Africa, Made-in-Nigeria.Biz, is the first of such digital market and the only unifying platform that takes capital translation interpreting of the economy a lot further, giving Nigerian local entrepreneurs, SME’s and Manufacturers the platform to sell beyond the shores of Nigeria, to bring their products to the international market. Nigeria as a Nation has the population and is the largest economy in Africa and fast-evolving and growing.

Additionally, we are creating a new system of doing business without having to produce anything yourself, this is called “DROPSHIPPING”, we have introduced this idea which will benefit hundreds of thousands of old and recent unemployed graduates in mind, but is especially beneficial for everyone, young and old, you even earn while you are sleeping.

Whether, you are a sole-trader, SME, Manufacturer (small and medium enterprise), Wholesalers and Dropshippers of products manufactured in Nigeria, or by Nigerian diasporas, or you are a fresher looking for what products to sell or sells in Nigeria, you will find Made-in-Nigeria.biz platform to be an all-in-one e-Commerce platform with unlimited business opportunities and earning potentials.

Moreso; the real Nigeria business news is that your business generates income more quickly than on any other platform because we are covered by such internationally recognized payment platforms like Paypal, Stripe, Payant, with plan to integrate and partner with more local providers in the nearest future. You can choose to sell locally (to buyers in your country of residence) or globally too, plus you do not have to be domiciled in Nigeria, you could be based Europe, United Kingdom,  United States and rest of the world.

Our offices are located in the heart of Nigeria’s undisputed commercial nerve center remain the most vibrant city of Lagos State, some analysts have pointed out that, this vibrant city  (also a United Nations recognized Mega City), is said to be the commercial hub for the entire West African region, as well as London (UK) and Vienna (Austria).

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Made in Nigeria Business Platform
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