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Business Member QAs

Vendors, SME’s
and Manufacturers


1.     What lead to the creation of Made-in-Nigeria.Biz

Answer: Please visit “The About Us” (details available on the website)

2.   Who can sell on MiN

Answer: Anyone who has products or services to offer to attract
buyers from near and far can sell on

3.     Why should I sell on MiN?


§  We are the first and only truly Nigerian global eCommerce platform that offers a real solution that connects manufacturers and suppliers of the Made-in-Nigeria products to the global buyer and market, the largest and best of both worlds in terms of local and global market access for our vendors.

§  Easy to setup, user-friendly and personalized Vendor store.

§  Very intuitive Vendor Dashboard where everything is controlled.

§  Free accounting, sales and marketing tools

§  With 24/7 help and support.

 4.  What should I sell

Answer: You can sell physical products such as fashion, electronics,
toys, household products, cosmetics, health products, textile products, leather products, baby products etc. and services such as printing and digital products, the list cannot be exhausted. Practically all approved as “not dangerous items”.

5.     Where/How would I find products to sell


§  If you are not a manufacturer yourself, then, we have other options for you at no extra cost.

§  You may buy from wholesalers or manufacturers registered or other retail vendors on MiN, alternatively, you can set up your store and sell other people’s products on your store, this option is called “Drop-shipping”.

6.     Is the platform meant for only Nigerians and Nigerian products?

Answer: Although, MiN was created and aimed at helping Nigerian SME’s and local manufacturers sell their products to buyers globally,

7.     I am not currently based in Nigeria, can I sell on MiN?

Answer: You do not have to be based in Nigeria to sell on our
platform, the world is now a global village and virtually everything is already happening online.

8.     Benefits of selling on this platform,

…Why you should be part of it?


§  If you are a manufacturer of any product, then you already know the importance of finding new markets to sell your products and make more profits. has created
that new era-market for you to benefit from, by partnering with us you benefit from our massive and aggressive marketing style to give maximum exposure to your product.

§  You are looking to run your own business and be your own boss, making money come into your account even while you are sleeping, on holiday and get away from the 8-5 daily routine without guaranty, then becoming a vendor on is the best way to gain that freedom and have a residual income for life (as long as you continue to do the needful).

§  Best of all, MiNBiz takes the stress of looking for a new market-place to sell your products off your shoulders, so you don’t have to go through the pains of sales and marketing or tracking the “nitty-gritty” details of your profits through your dedicated vendor Dashboard of your online store, because our system take care of everything, so you can focus your attention on what’s really important, manufacturing products and selling.

9.     What is a “Vendor”

Answer: A new term used for online Retailers/sellers

10. Who is a Wholesaler (Advantages)

Answer: This type of seller usually sells in bulk and ideally, does
not (usually) deal with retail customers. You as reseller/Dropshipper can buy from wholesaler at a much cheaper price, but you have to take the bulk goods purchased and store in your own warehouse to then sell at retail prices to your retail buyers. You can negotiate a very big discount and may have a very attractive retail margin or profit buying at wholesale price.

11.  What is Dropshipping

Answer: Dropshipping is the art of selling a “Virtual or physical products” to a customer online, without you being involved in production, storing or handling the actual product yourself.

12. Who is a Dropshipper

Answer: A Dropshipper is an individual or company who sells products or services he does not really possess, touch, see or store physically in his warehouse, but only arrange to buy from a supplier, who then sends the product directly to the delivery address submitted (customer’s) by Dropshipper, without any trace of the supplier’s details included in the package at all.

13. As a Manufacturer (Advantages)


·       You are the one who turns raw material into a finished
product for consumption by the buyer.

·       You do not deal or sell retail but encourages wholesaler to buy in bulk from you at a heavily discounted price so as to leave room for the wholesaler to make profit and free up storage space from your next line of production.

·       You control the price of the products; sell to wholesalers in bulk purchase/transaction and gets money instantly or via an agreed payment term.

14. What tools are available to help enhance and ease my selling on MiN?

Answer: A-Z, all necessary and latest ecommerce tools you need to
manage your business online can be found in your Vendor’s Dashboard.

15. Registration & Setting up your Vendor store

Answer: Vendors are registered and are verified so that only genuine sellers are allowed; this is also a way to protect both seller and buyer from being scammed.

16.  What are the registration requirements

Answer: For dropshippers, only contact details for your store and proof of ID for vendor verification.

Wholesalers and Manufacturers require proof of business
registration and representative’s ID.

17.  What Membership Option is best for me?
(Level-1, Level-2, Level3)

Answer: This depends on what you’d like to achieve but the best
option we recommend is the “Combo”, this is the cheapest for wholesalers who also wish to offer dropship service and those who wish to do more and pay less.
Fees are displayed in US Dollars (by default) for ease of transaction.

18.  What name should I give my store?

Answer: This is up to you, but we suggest you make it something easy
to remember if you are not a registered business.

19.   Live demonstrations: see our online demo videos and

20. Role: What role should I as a vendor play to make it a successful business/venture

Answer: Take your business seriously, promote vigorously and use the social media, as well as email marketing tools to channel customers to your vendor store too and MiN will do the rest.

21. Business Formation: Do I require a business registration with the government before selling on MiN?

Answer: we require proof of business
registration from wholesalers and Manufacturers only.

§  Dropshippers only require to submit real name, personal details, email address and valid telephone number of store owner and bank account details for remittance of their monies,

22.  Costs: What does it cost to have a Vendor store on MiN?

Answer: There are 3 levels of registrations (L1, L2 and L3), see
details online.

23. Can I cancel my subscription?

Answer: Yes, you may cancel your subscription before expiration of
seven days trial period, after which payment will be due. We are proud of what we do passionately, we are committed to help you succeed in your business as long as you take your business very seriously yourself, we are confident there will be absolutely no reason to want to cancel your subscription at all.

24. Shipping: You can determine costs by either “Weight or Distance or country”, we will help you to understand this.

 25.  How should I ship orders to customers

Answer: Shipping cost and options can be selected from the
pre-arranges option list, so you do not have to worry, but you will still have to either drop-off the order at the post-office or arrange with the currier company to pick-up from your address (where this option is offered).

26.  Shipping orders from my country to another

Answer: You will have to decide in which market you’d like to sell,
(Local, National or International). If you are selling globally, then select global shipping option and the cost will be added when product is placed in the shopping basket by customer/buyer. International buyers should be informed of potential importation duty on goods imported to their country which they may have to pay themselves.

27.  Things to consider

Answer: Due diligence is highly important, especially when shipping
orders outside of your country. It is important to pack goods securely, especially breakable goods, otherwise, buyer will have no choice but to ask for a refund and product will be returned to you.

                28.  Security: 

                How can I be sure my details and customer’s details are safe on MiNBiz?

Answer: We have a 3-tier/Level security, our
website is secured with SSL and special page security, payments passes through
strong encryption. This is guaranteed.

              29.  Questions & Answers

How do I price my items as a Dropshipper?

Answer: A rule of thumb for Dropshippers is to know at what price you are buying, then add at least 10% on top of that to arrive at your selling price, but you may choose to sell at a much higher percentage too as long as your price is competitive. Additionally, always aim to buy at the cheapest price so as to leave more profit for you.

30. How do I package my orders for shipping?

Answer: We have some very good suggestions in our “How-to” section on our website.



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