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Welcome to the Dropshipping Page

What is Dropshipping:  What gets you Started

Simply put, Dropshipping is a creative way of selling products produced by other people or businesses to consumers for a reasonable profit margin without you having being personally involved in the production or manufacturing of that product.

You identify a product or products people or need, you then look for a company that produces or a wholesaler, you contact them (if they have not already indicated they drop-ship) to introduce your drop ship idea to them, that you would like to sell their product(s) to your customer.

If they agree to collaborate or do business with you, the following steps are followed…

  1. You promote their product with their product images and detailed description
  2. You set your own retail price on your website or where you'd be selling those products to the public
  3. A customer places order on your from you (via your own page/website)
  4. Customer pays the price to you (usually your buying price + shipping cost + your own profit margin)
  5. You receive the order and payment in your bank account or other payment services
  6. You then identify products you wish to sell from their list of (your Dropshipper's MiN shop) products,
  7. Login to your membership account (on
  8. Place the order for the product (on Dropshipper's shop)
  9. Add the shipping address provided by your customer (where the product is to be shipped)
  10. Pay the dropshipper's price + postage (shipping costs applicable if not free)
  11. Keep the price difference (* this is your own profit margin)
  12. End of story…

The main aim in this is that, the main manufacturer/wholesaler remains in the background, he only ship the product directly to (any Shipping) address provided by “you” without any receipt or company’s address at all.

Therefore, your customer receives the order without knowing who actually sent it. However, you will usually email a copy of the sales transaction/receipt or invoice to your customer.

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